About Us

SSN is a leading sports nutrition brand, home to a range of premium quality, effectively dosed supplements to help you reach your fitness and physical goals. Our aim is to provide cutting-edge supplements, advice and support to athletes and health-conscious individuals.

Perfected by Science, our range of performance supplements are grounded in research and development to yield the highest possible quality and efficacy for people who take fitness, supplementation and nutrition seriously.

Whether your goal is to bulk up, lean out, compete on stage or improve your endurance, the SSN range has something for you. We continue to strive for excellence in our range and provide the consumer with supplements they need to optimise their health and performance.


Transitioning into a new era of health consciousness, SSN commits to delivering high quality products with transparent labels and no proprietary blends, so that you can rest assured that what’s on the label is what is inside the tub. All our products are manufactured in GMP- and FSSC-accredited facilities ensuring the highest level of safety and integrity.

We take quality and safety seriously while providing highly effective supplements based on scientific research and clinical trials. Our development team consists of scientists who are passionate about both quality and efficacy and go above and beyond to ensure that SSN’s product offering is ahead of the curve and developed using the latest research and technology.