Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is considered the most effective performance nutrition supplement ever discovered.

Scientific support along with real world evidence has quickly led to Creatine becoming the most popular sports nutrition supplement in the world and its use has become common practice amongst professional, elite and amateur athletes as well as weekend warriors as an effective ergogenic aid to enhance exercise performance.

Clinical research clearly demonstrates creatine to be a highly effective ergogenic aid - increasing strength, power and lean body mass. Creatine supplementation is of particular benefit in high-intensity activities, where it increases power and strength as well as muscle recovery primarily as a result of the important role that it plays in the generation of intra-muscular energy during muscular contraction.

Our bodies make this performance-enhancing compound naturally and it is present in many foods we eat, but to get a higher, more efficacious “dosage”, the best approach is by way of daily supplementation. Used as directed, creatine is proven to be safe and highly effective.

To maximise creatine’s lean muscle building effects, consume extra water every day and increase your daily protein intake by way of a high quality pure protein supplement such as our 100 % Whey Protein.



Prepare one serving by mixing one rounded teaspoon (5 g) with at least 300ml of a suitable carbohydrate sports drink or grape juice. For loading, take two to four servings daily, for 5 consecutive days. Take one of these servings immediately after training and the others evenly spaced during the day. For maintenance, take one to two servings (5-10 g) daily, the most important serving being immediately post training, ideally mixed with a carbohydrate/protein shake, such as our Anabolic Muscle Builder.

Adjust loading and maintainance dosages according to the chart below.

Body Weight Loading Dose Maintenance Dose
<65 kg 10 g daily (2 x 5 g) 5g daily (1 serving)
65 kg + 15 g daily (3 x 5 g) 7,5 g daily (1½ servings)
85 kg + 20 g daily (4 x 5 g) 10 g daily (2 servings)

Each serving should be followed by at least 250 ml (1 glass) of water. For best results, a minimum of 10 glasses of water should be consumed daily whilst supplementing with creatine.