Louis BessingerLouis Bessinger After IFBB Junior World Champs Win

SSN Muscle Junkie Louis Bessinger killed it on Saturday 15 December 2012 and took home the overall title at the IFBB Junior World Champs. SSN Muscle Junkie Andrew Hudson cought up with him after his win to find out what he did for his prep leading to the show and what his plans are for the future.

Andrew HudsonHi Louis congratulations on your victory, this is huge news bro. You are officially the best junior bodybuilder on the planet! Has it sunk in yet?

Louis BessingerThanks big bro! Yes I felt it straight away! For the first time in my life it felt like I've accomplished something big! In 2010 placing 3rd in my first world champs I felt disappointed. Coming so close to getting to be the best. I thought that was my last chance competing as a junior. Until the rules changed in mid 2011. I was quite excited to get another shot to be the best juinior in the world. And. Winning the overalls made the victory so much sweeter.

Andrew HudsonAll of us back home (Mario, Justin, myself and the rest of the SSN team) were on our phones all day and night while you were over there, waiting to hear results! This is the first year you competed using SSN products, can you tell us how you feel SSN products are working for you?

Louis BessingerUsing quality supplements changed my physique so much and has made my prep so much easier than last year! On-season and off-season. My whole diet consists mainly of protein shakes! Using quality protein shakes got me so much leaner and much quicker! And the flavors are just awesome!! Not only SSN but SPS too! Some people get sick of the normal flavours like vanilla, choc and strawberry. With SPS IsoPRO Whey you get blueberry, apple flavours etc. Almost no fat or carbs!! I'm a big believer in supplements! Thanks to SSN, I could build a champion physique. Thank you guys for allowing me into your family and taking me to the top! This is my brand for life! I'm living it!

Andrew HudsonI know that for me SSN are clearly the industry leaders in terms of quality of product. Once I made the switch I never looked back. The range also allows us to customise our supplement usage.. like I sometimes add more glutamine or more BCAA to my pre and post-workout drinks. This was a major factor in the improvements I made this year as well.

From the pictures I have seen, it looks like you gained muscle between the SA's and the Worlds, can you tell us what the difference in your weight was and how you managed to do that?

Louis BessingerIn September at IFBB SA Champs I weighed in at 91 kgs, and in December IFBB World Champs I was 93,5 kgs. After SA Champs which was my last show before worlds, I basically just went back to heavy training, more powerlifting movements but with a triset or superset at the end of each bodypart. I also added 3 more shakes throughout the night where I set my alarm before I go to bed. I was training twice a day, both high intensity sessions, so I added more Glutamine and BCAAs to my shakes and meals. So as you can see I just went through basics, no big changes! I never cut my water for the World Champs and for SA Champs I decided to cut it long before and get as dry as I can without going flat. With all the carbing up I competed at 97kgs the following day! Everything we planned, worked out great!

Andrew HudsonWhat are your thoughts on cardio for your prep? ‪Do you believe in bulking up in the off-season or do you prefer to stay leaner?

Louis BessingerI don't believe in doing hours of cardio to get into shape. I would rather just diet more strict, less calories. Seriously I hate cardio!!! But with my back injury I could not train my hamstrings so all that I could do to train them last year was to walk the treadmill on its highest incline. Every step, I'd squeeze my glutes and hamstrings and hold the contraction for about two seconds. I still remember through all those sessions you still kept me company on BBM!! Else I would of lost my mind. I would do incline treadmill for about 30min a session 3 times a week.

I do pick up lots of weight in the off-season! There's no way in hell I'll stay lean during off-season. I love food too much. I'm in shape the whole year so during my off-season I get to let loose and just enjoy myself. After a show I'll eat junk for 3 weeks and after that I get sick of food and eat clean, quality food again. I only eat food that benefits my body. I'll only eat food high in protein and carbs but if I crave something fatty I will have it! No doubt! I must say my eating habits are good. You have to bulk up in the off-season to improve every year. There are guys who believe they have to keep their abs for the beach in the festive season. You are waisting your time! Those are the guys who fall behind in the bodybuilding scene. Guys like Lee priest got super huge in the off-season and improved every year!

Andrew HudsonBro we all cannot sleep in season so talking to like-minded people like you late at night kept me going as well!

If you could only take 3 supplements during the dieting phase what would they be?

Louis BessingerSSN 100% Whey protein, Glutamine and BCAA. Most important basic suplementation, without that dieting will be an epic fail.

Andrew HudsonIf you could only take 3 supplements during the off-season phase what would they be?

Louis Bessingeronly 3?? Argggh... I would still say the same as above! But damn I love my Muscle Junkie Psycho pre-workout and intra-workout Cytomaize! It's difficult to choose because I use so much more supplements in the off-season.

Andrew HudsonDo you want to go all the way and turn pro? ‪What shows are you planning on doing in 2013?

Louis BessingerYes that's my dream since I started! Ever since I started Watching DVDs of Marcus Ruhl, Lee Priest and Ronnie Coleman I wanted to live their life style. Living, eating and sleeping bodybuilding! The criteria to get your Pro card is that you must place top 3 at worlds. I won my division and the Overalls. So I feel I deserved my pro card! Some might believe I'm too young but with all the sweat, tears and dedication I truly believe I deserve to get it. We haven't got anything planned as yet, still deciding. I personally feel I have accomplished what I had to in SA. So maybe I'll just go to Senior World Champs this year and pay my duce so I can get noticed next time I step foot on stage the following year. That's how it works. Doesn't matter how good you are, if its your first time competing, they don't let you win. So get noticed, come back the following year and you will have a better chance. Its my dream, and I will never let go! Doesn't matter how hard it gets! You know the feeling big bro!

Andrew HudsonCan you give us a run down of what your pre-contest diet looks like lets say 3 weeks out from the show?

Louis BessingerBreakfast: Creatine Monohydrate and Glutamine Powder with fruit juice, 10 Weetbix, SSN 100% Whey Protein shake. SSN MultiVit and CLA caps
Mid-morning: 15 egg whites or SSN 100% Whey Protein, 2 bananas and SPS Vitargo CarbLoader
Lunch: 350 grams fish, 200 grams rice, 200 grams potato and a banana, CLA and Vitamin C
Mid-afternoon: SSN 100% Whey Protein, 2 bananas, SPS Vitargo CarbLoader
Pre-supper: SPS IsoPRO shake and green salad
Supper: 250 grams potato and 350 grams fish, or just another IsoPRO shake. CLA caps and Vitamin C. Glass orange juice
After training: Creatine Monohydrate, Glutamine Powder and BCAA
Before bed: Glutamine Powder and BCAA

Andrew HudsonAs with me you make full use of your sponsorship :) You work very closely with Roy Butterton as your contest prep coach, can you tell us how your guys relationship works? When do you see him? Do you have a strategy at the beginning of the year or do you take it as it comes?

Louis BessingerRoy is not only my prep coach or mentor he is a good friend and father figure. He teaches me not only about bodybuilding but also about life itself. Beginning of last year he went for his kidney transplant which was very successful. He took me through a few training sessions in the beginning of the year last year and for the rest of the year I mostly trained alone. This year he is training with me and is my new training partner. So far we have really taken it to the next level. And he says we not even half way there. I'm broken to pieces and can't wait for my rest days on Sundays. I go to his house every Monday night to recap on each week and see if we need to make any changes. We always start the year of with a strategy, but this year is different! We still planning what happens next!

Andrew HudsonIt's great to have someone like that in your corner, since I started using a coach it made a huge difference, it's even better when you stick to the same coach and they get a chance to learn your body. What areas of your physique do you feel you need to improve to be better? We have all seen you have really got a handle on your conditioning, I don't think I've ever seen you come in out of shape!

Louis BessingerI've got so much to improve on! Mainly bigger triceps, wider back, bigger calves and more sweep on my thighs. Roy will never let me compete out of shape. He knows my body too well. I always diet strict there's no room for errors. I won't get near the stage if I don't feel ready, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my prep and my clients prep!

Andrew Hudsonmost people at the top are like that, it's the small details that make the difference, and being a perfectionist is what sets the best apart from the good guys! Thanks for taking the time to do this Louis, anybody you would like to thank?

Louis BessingerLastly I would just like to thank my family for the great support over the last few years, Cathrine my girlfriend, Paul Winn, my manager from UK, Roy Butterton my coach and Ruth his wife. Jacques Pretorias for starting me off and teaching me that the sky is the limit. SSN, my Muscle Junkie team mates, SPS and Supashape. All my fans and friends. My new sponsor Get Logged (home of gorilla wear and Monsta. Autostyling in East London. Thank you all for the great support and motivation. Without you there's no way I could have achieved what I did.

Andrew HudsonCongratulations Louis, we are all very proud to have you on our team! Peace!