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Get more info on N.O. Crea-Pump Get more info on Cytomaize Get more info on CytoGuard Get more info on 100% Whey Protein In the March-April 2010 issue of Muscle Evolution magazine, SSN ran a competition where a question directed to SSN Muscle Junkie Andrew Hudson would be selected and the winner would receive an Ultimate Underground Stack worth R1 500.

Well, the winner has been selected. Congratulations David Williams from KZN, your supplement stack is on its way to you! See David's winning question below.

HI Andrew

I've been dieting and doing lots and lots of cardio for the past 6 months and now I would like to know how to transition out of this and back into a muscle building phase with out getting fat. Im not at my goal yet but I want to plan it and have everything set out before I stop doing what im doing now. What I found was that I would hit plateaus and the only way around them was to reduce food or do more cardio, until it seemed like I was eating almost nothing and spending all my free time doing cardio, help I don’t want to loose all my hard work only to have to go back and do it again!


Hi Dave

Congratulations on having the willpower to keep going and to keep on looking to improve yourself! The human body is incredibly efficient and no matter how we try and trick it to loose extra fat , it inevitably comes down to a reduction in calories or an increase in calorie expenditure via extra workouts. The longer you are on an extreme diet for and the lower you go in calories especially carbs the slower the metabolism gets! You see every single cell in your body relies on glucose(the end result of carbohydrate ingestion) to function so if you reduce carbs too low then the body will adjust and slow down. Another factor in carb reduction is your thyroid hormones. There is an inactive thyroid hormone called T4 that needs carbs and insulin to be converted to the active thyroid hormone called T3. Correct amounts of T3 are very important if you want to achieve a healthy metabolism . Now that we have some basic understanding of how the metabolism works I will explain how to reverse this slow down! The situation you find yourself in right now is very similar to the situation bodybuilders find themselves in after a contest. Having dieted to the extreme for so long and going so low in carbs they now have a slower metabolism than when they started dieting and if they were to go back even to maintenance calorie levels they would gain fat! They key for them and for you now is to slowly increase carbs or to slowly reduce cardio activity. Don’t do anything too drastic, remember it took you 6 months to get to where you are! So I suggest you start to gradually increase your carbs maybe 25-50 grams per day for a week or two and then another 25-50 grams after another week or two. So as an example let s say you ended up on 100grams of carbs per day, for the first 2 weeks only increase it to 125-150 grams. Then 150 to 200 for the next 2 weeks and so on, what will happen is your body will slowly adjust and increase the metabolic rate, remember the active T3 thyroid hormone and its activity depending on insulin and carb intake. Gradually reduce cardio lets say from 6 sessions to 5 for the first 2 weeks, then to 4 sessions for 2 weeks and so on and so on. Now if you got really, really lean during your diet then this method works really well because your body becomes really efficient at such a low level of bodyfat that when you start to slowly increase the calories it uses them up very easily. The leaner you are the higher thermogenesis(the burning off of calories as heat) is in your body and the less likely you are to get fat! So one of the keys here is to make sure you get extremely lean before you start to add calories back in! If you can do this you will be able to get the metabolism racing again and you should be able to add some nice muscle to your body in the process! it requires extreme discipline but im sure you wouldn’t be on the SSN Muscle Junkie site if you weren’t the type who could actually do this! Let us know how it goes!

Andrew Hudson