Muscle Junkies Rock Mumbai, India

Muscle Junkies Mario van Biljon and Chris Fitzpatrick were recently invited to attend the Mumbai Bodybuilding Championships, held on 29 November, in Matunga, Mumbai, India. Sponsored by SSN India, the show was a sell out success, with much hype and anticipation amongst the crowd of spectators and participants who eagerly awaited the guest posing routines of Chris and Mario.

India is becoming well known for it’s huge Bodybuilding following. As part of their week long India road show, Chris & Mario hosted a series of Muscle Camps and seminars at various locations throughout India, where interested people attended seminars on Nutrition for Muscle Gain and Contest preparation amongst other topics. All venues were packed to capacity with spectators hungry for information and advice.

Thank you to SSN India for hosting a well run and highly successful Bodybuilding Championships and series of Seminars. We look forward to our next trip to India.

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