Saturday, 14 March saw the SSN Muscle Junkies get together for another Team training session, this time at BodyGuru Studio in Umhlanga. Turnout was fantastic with some of KZN’s top IFBB competitors joining in for a workout.

After a strong cup of coffee at the Health Café, everyone went into the Studio to do battle with iron.

Justin, Andrew, Lorraine and Corne trained chest together. Lorraine is one of the toughest and strongest female bodybuilders that KZN has produced…she kept up rep for rep with the guys, all the while increasing the weight load. It was a real inspiration to watch her train!

Chris Pillay could be found training arms whilst also ‘spotting’ many of the visiting athletes with their workouts.

Mario and Chris “Quadzilla” Fitzpatrick teamed up with Keegan Seeram, a competitive bodybuilder himself, for an intense arm training session.

To add to the excitement, Muscle Junkie Quentin Fong and his training partners came down to Durban from JHB for the weekend and joined the team for a workout. Quentin is looking amazing. He has decided to make the move from competitive bodybuilding to Muscle Model and with his gifted genetics of round, full muscles and a very aesthetically pleasing physique, he is in the best off-season condition that we have seen him in, in a long time.

Competitive and non-competitive athletes enjoyed the vibe and the intensity of training with so many like-minded people and all received samples of SSN & SPS products, training accessories, water-bottles, shakers and t-shirts. After their respective workouts everyone met at the BodyGuru Health Café for a post-workout smoothie on the house! The perfect way to end the perfect training session!

Join us next month for another team training session. Check back regularly for dates and venue.
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