SSN’s Muscle Junkies started 2009 off with a bang with a grueling leg training session at Virgin Active Kings Park on Saturday 10th January.
A dare was raised by Andrew to all other Muscle Junkies to out last him on leg press! (Word is that Andrew traveled to Cape Town in December to practice on the quiet). The workout started out with a 100 rep leg press at approximately twice the athletes bodyweight, followed by another 2 sets of 50 reps each at 2 ½ times bodyweight. Sound too easy, give it a try next time you train legs! Those few still left standing after punishing themselves on leg press, went on to perform 4 sets of squats ending off on 4 sets of leg curls. The guys really earned the respect of the ‘on-lookers’ who admired their guts & determination.

Unfortunately, Justin Thacker, nursing a hamstring injury was unable to train legs with the rest of the team. He did however train shoulders as only Justin can…hard and heavy!

Unassuming and professional as ever, Chris Pillay trained arms for the second time that week as he had already trained legs a few days before…not that he needs to train his arms any more than he already does! It was great to have the whole team together, encouraging one another with their friendly rivalry.

We look forward to the next training session. Keep checking back to see where and when the Muscle Junkies will be training next. To those who joined the team for a workout and to take photos, we thank you for your support.

A special mention to Wayne Rust, thank you for all the photos taken, they really capture the agony and the ecstasy of the session.

The Shots of the Day taken by Wayne Rust – your SSN hamper will be sent to you shortly.