SSN Muscle Junkies Mario van Biljon and Chris Pillay have both been selected to represent South Africa at the IFBB Amateur Men’s World Championships being held in Bahrain from 3 to 6 November. The hardcore muscle addicts are part of an eight man team selected to represent South Africa. This is the 62nd IFBB Amateur Men’s World Champs and the first time it is being held in the Middle East. Each year bodybuilding becomes increasingly popular as more competitors and countries participate in the IFBB World Champs. There are over 180 Countries affiliated to the IFBB making it one of the biggest sports bodies in the World.  The level of competition improves year after year, giving spectators and the judges a new standard by which all others can be measured.

Chris and Mario are both fantastic ambassadors for the IFBB and for the sport of bodybuilding, they give of their time to assist other athletes who have ambitions of one day competing, at the same time trying to find a balance between work, family and their own rigorous contest preparation. We wish them the best of luck and will keep you updated on their progress.