25 Years
114 kg
106 kg
183 cm

My plan for the coming year is to have slightly lower carbs than I have in the past and push the fats up a little. My theory behind this is to get the body used to using slightly higher amounts of fat as well as to really push the calories up(fat has more than double the calories per gram than any other macronutrient). I will add some fruit to the plan but it will be whatever is in season at the time and I would eat it whenever I feel a bit hungry.

Meal 1 80 g 100% Whey Protein
50 g oats
50 g raw unsalted nuts
50 g raisins
Meal 2 300 g chicken
150 g basmati rice
50 g raw unsalted nuts
Meal 3 80 g 100% Whey Protein
3 slices low G.I. toast with 3 tablespoons organic peanut butter
Meal 4 300 g chicken
300 g basmati rice
Pre-Workout 60 g 100% Whey Protein
Intra-Workout 3 scoops Cytomaize
Post-Workout 60 g 100% Whey Protein
Meal 5 300 g steak/salmon
100 g basmati rice
Meal 6 60 g SPS UltraPro
50 g raw unsalted nuts or 2 tablespoons organic peanut butter
Additional supplementation MultiVit twice a day, one in am and one in pm.
Vit C twice a day 1000 mg with breakfast and 1000 mg with dinner.
Creatine Monohydrate will be cycled 8 weeks on, 4 weeks off. 5 g with pre-workout shake and 5 g post-workout shake.

For the coming year I'm going to really focus on putting on some real good quality muscle so that I can be competitive as a superheavyweight. This past year I really learn't what it takes to get in really good condition so Im really looking forward to next years shows! I'm going to try push my weight up a little more than normal and then start dieting a little earlier.

2009 was a huge learning experience for me because I ate more, trained less and did less cardio and achieved what I consider to be my all time best condition. So for 2010 I plan to do the same but with some slight changes, I'm going to add a few more sets and a some more food as well to try add some more size. Superheavies in SA here I come!!! John, Andre, Heinrich and Wynand, I look forward to doing battle!!!

Monday Quads & Hamstrings
Tuesday Shoulders & Abs
Wednesday Biceps & Triceps
Thursday Off
Friday Chest & Calves
Saturday Back
Sunday Off